Dino Schools

Interactive Dino experiences, hosted by our Dino Rangers.

We’d love to come into your school with our baby Dinosaurs. We have three great school visits available. Have a look below our locations for our school visits.

Our Dino Schools Packages

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Our Dino Schools Packages

Prices dependant on area and group size, contact Dino Team for a price.

Dino School 20

A visit from one of our baby Dinosaurs and a handful of fossils. A great option to run along side a class dinosaur topic or as a special treat or class reward. 20 minute visit.
£ 120
  • 20 minute appearance
  • x1 Dino Ranger
  • x1 baby dino
  • A handful of fossils

Dino School 30

Invite two of our baby Dinosaurs, plus two of the dinosaurs closest living relatives, the bearded dragon lizard and tortoise, to your class for a dynamic 30 minute experience. We’ll bring along a handful of fossils, dinosaur egg and bone. We’ll have loads of fun and the children will have the chance to meet and feed the baby Dino’s.
£ 180
  • 30 minute appearance
  • x1 Dino Ranger
  • x2 baby dinos
  • x2 Real life relatives: bearded dragon lizard & tortoise
  • A Handful of fossils
  • x1 Dino bone
  • x1 Dino egg

Dino School 60

Popular! A fun packed one hour Dino Class experience from our Dino Ranger and two of our well behaved baby Dinosaurs, four real live reptiles including snake, lizards and tortoise. We also bring three dino dig pits, where the children get to search for dinosaur bones, eggs, and fossils. Get up close to a giant dinosaur egg bigger than a human head and a giant bone about the same size as the kids. Our Dino Ranger also has a fun and colourful educational timeline display to look at the different time periods, dinosaur groups and land masses. Class sizes upto 32 children. An extra hour session can be added
£ 180
  • 1 hour appearance
  • Classes up to 32
  • x1 Dino Ranger
  • x2 baby dinos
  • x4 Real life relative reptiles
  • A Handful of fossils
  • x3 Dino dig pits
  • x1 Giant Dino bone
  • x1 Giant Dino egg
  • Dino Timeline Educational session

Roaring Fun for all ages

Immersive events for any dinosaur enthusiast


Dino themed party bags

£2 each

x1 Dino Pit

£20 each

+15 mins of party games


Quiz's & Worksheets

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